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By Álvaro Quintal Zogbi*

Upon deciding to carry out this first edition and deciding the precise focus of this magazine, a whirlwind of ideas came to mind. One of them was to have a model on the cover, making fashion the main ingredient. After a bit of pondering, I realized that talking about the fashion industry would not actually be a challenge, for it has been my area of expertise for over a decade. My goal was then crystal clear: I needed to create the very first cover with a social personality of such stature that it would fulfill and exceed a specific profile. Whether it was a man or a woman, their life story had to be so enticing and magnetic that it would be alluring to an entire society that had been long anticipating my return as editor.

    Pinpointing all of these attributes into a single person was no easy task. I had five pictures before me, five figures whose stories were incredibly appealing. The mere thought of the opening their homes and lives to me, was an exhilarating sensation.

    I cleared my head, focused and decided that this first copy had to break all the boundaries. That it would have to stand out from all the pre-existing magazines in this specific market, making it so personal that readers would feel that I was holding their hand as I lead them through my words,

while unveiling all these corners, situations, feelings and milestones in the lives of these human beings, who in the end are no more different than us.

    There are incredible and numerous stories around Gabriela González de Cáceres de García, my decision was overwhelming, I had to choose her for she embodied everything I had been looking for. The combination of skills and life stories she has to share are the perfect combination, she is a striking beauty but also an incredibly smart and able woman. Her accomplishments are many, a degree in fashion design, a career that she didn’t pursue any further or performed directly in, for she realized at a very young age that horsemanship was a passion she could not overlook, and one that would make her a winner locally, nationally and internationally. A true beauty on the outside with a golden soul, an amazing and loving wife, and today an excellent mother.

    Gabriela is, without a doubt, a force of nature. She has proven that despite any obstacle she’s encountered, she’s able to thrive, be strong and manage to find a balance and continue successfully and gracefully through life.

    One phone call was all it took for me to book an appointment. She told me she was about to take a flight to Shanghai, China. She would be celebrating her birthday at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but she would contact me as soon as she was back so we could further discuss the interview and photo shoot.

    Gaby –as her friends and family call her- and I have been linked in the past, through magazine covers, fashion collaborations, but most of all, by almost ten years of a true and solid friendship.

    We agreed to meet on a Monday at 9pm. I would be a guest at her beautiful home and I’d give her a glimpse of the magazine concept that I’d been planning some time back.

    I must confess I was fifteen minutes late, my previous meeting held me back longer than expected, but I was so excited to see her after almost two years. I rang the doorbell and was immediately greeted by the kindness and diligence of wonderful people such as Charlie, who lead me to a rococo themed living room, exquisitely decorated in pastels and offered me a beverage… I opted for a lemonade and while I waited, realized that the lights were on, all through the house. From where I was sitting I could see a huge swimming pool and what I considered to be a bar area.
    However, what caught my attention immediately was the image of Gaby sharing the living room with me on an approximately seven foot painting, done in an hyper realistic technique, with a  French style golden frame, looking at me from the far left corner of the room.

    Suddenly, in the distance, opening several glass doors I saw her, accompanied by her husband, Mexican business man Gerardo García Gamboa.

     -All good? Asked Gerardo.
     -Have they been making you feel at home
     -Yes. Thank you so much. I replied
     -Welcome, Gaby hast told me so much about you and I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.-
     -It’s my pleasure. We were supposed to meet on your wedding day, but unfortunately I was caught up in a movie production and couldn’t make it.
     -Don’t worry about it. Make yourself at home.
     -Who’s the artist of this wonderful painting? I asked. I couldn’t walk away not knowing. To which Gerardo replied:
     -It was a gift for her. For an entire month Cuban painter Israel Leon was a part of our lives in order to achieve this art piece that I find amazing. Can’t be compared with the actual beauty of my wife, but I believe the result is excellent. What do you think?
     -Definitely. The details are incredible.
     -Well, I will let you to it. This is your home.
He shook my hand and left. Gaby and I greeted each other with an emotional embrace, like time hadn’t passed. She was looking flawless as always, with a hint of Chanel as a fragrance and Valentino heels.
     -Dear friend, I’m so glad you’re here. Come, you have to meet baby Geraldine before her bedtime.


*Translated from Spanish

27 I


    Immediately, her hand was holding mine and she was leading me to baby G’s bedroom. She opened the door with great caution and there were a nanny and a nurse with the baby who was only six months old at the time. She gently took her in her arms and with excitement, but in the sweetest voice and a sparkle in her eyes, said:
     -Look, this is my daughter.

     That is when I realized she was going through a very special time in her life: motherhood
     -Gaby, what did you feel when you found out you were going to be a mom?
     -Baby GG (Geraldine Garcia) was a dream come true, the way I always dreamt of. She was a very anticipated and planned baby. She was something we both really wanted and were very ready to conceive.

    I was taking vitamins and maintaining a healthy lifestyle months before getting pregnant and we went, together, through a purifying and cleansing process of our bodies.

    Our commitment was such, that we even knew the month we wanted her to be born in, and with God’s help, this incredible blessing was bestowed upon us. Gerardo was by my side and minded and cared for me every single one of the two hundred and seventy three days that I carried GG inside me. He has been by my side in that way, since the day we were married.

    Not five seconds had gone by and I was already in love with baby GG, it was impossible not to be, she gave me several giggles and wiggles of joy. I was surrounded by that exquisite baby smell and hand painted walls. From the dome, a crystal chandelier was hanging as it lit a hand painted sky that overlaid the silk-gauze decorated crib coming out of a golden crown assembled in the wall. Angels and music playing cherubs were also a part of the décor. In the corner a massive plush giraffe; on the sofas unicorns and teddy bears. On the way out a vintage Silver Cross pink stroller.
    Gaby placed the baby into the arms of her nurse, Eugenia. With a gesture she told me to come and said: -You have to see this.
I walked up to where she was and entered a large closet, it was a dream: silk, cotton and linen dresses. There was a shoe specific area, and as I looked in awe she said:
     -Look at these- while holding a pair of carmine red baby Dior shoes.
     -Aren’t they delicious?
To which I replied: -There’s nothing more exquisite than your baby dressed in couture.
     -Well, this is my beautiful princess’ special corner- she pointed out
     -Now you have to come and see mine. Come, Follow me.
     -Excuse me and goodnight. I said to the women in the bedroom while I closed the door.

     In that moment, while walking to her closet, going through her master bedroom, framed by paintings of famous artists, sculptures and a bed covered in exquisite linens, endless decorative pieces and several floral arrangements containing hydrangeas and white orchids, I started to feel a very special emotion.
Those of you who know me, know I’ve worked with many artists and high end personalities of the Mexican society as a fashion stylist. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 1.45.51 PM.png

Photo: Geraldine García González 

    I’ve done different campaigns and fashion photography for renowned Latin American designers. This is my way of saying that I’ve been in this industry for a long time, producing fashion, I’ve lived incredible experiences, have had the opportunity to be at exclusive clothing stores, have done wardrobe cleaning for very high end people, but I would’ve never imagined what would happen by hearing that clicking sound, right after she typed an eight digit password that gave us access through a thick wooden door.

    I was astounded. Lost my breath, what my eyes saw in that moment was almost inexplicable, a feeling I had only felt when my niece was born, the MET gala in NY and entering for the first time at the VIP ROOM at Bergdorf Goodman.
    A walk in closet of over 160 feet in depth, vastly wide, covered in gold sheet details, shiny Carrara marble plates in walls and floor, ceiling to floor mirrors, over 3,500 Swarovski crystals hanging from the ceiling like waterfalls, hundreds of dresses and various clothing items on each side. In the middle, two illuminated isles containing different pieces of accessories such as watches, sunglasses and jewelry of different high end brands. On the right side, next to her dresser, a lit window cabinet with extraordinary handbags, which, by the way were responsible for the enlargement in course, for the space was no longer appropriate.
  I walked slowly, observing every detail and anticipating the final part, which could easily be any woman’s obsession: the shoe area.


I  28

*Translated from Spanish



    Around 400 shoes are part of this beautiful collection: sandals in both high and low heel, tennis shoes, stilettos, boots, booties and winter boots.
    Just between us, I think it’s safe to spill the beans and tell you she’s got some important pieces such as the crystal YSL boots that celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Celine Dion, Rihanna and the editor of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo have flaunted in their respective social media.
    Her husband Gerardo, gave her as a present, the exclusive Gabo Angel sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood, the ones with a golden plate framework. Just like the ones top model Lily Donaldson wore as an angel at the Victoria’s Secret 2015 runway.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 3.52.55 PM.png


Yves Saint Laurent

The handbag collection is truly amazing, containing one of a kind pieces that are custom made. Chanel, YSL and Birkin are just some of the brands that shine through in high numbers.

Some Celebrities such as Kardashians, Gianluca Vacchi, Linda Evangelista, Taylor Swift and many others have one of this artist's signature pieces. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 3.50.02 PM.png

    My pulse was still racing and my eyes kept focusing on the handbag´s window cabinet, when she suddenly points and asks:

-What do you think of this dress? –Do you like it?
    I thought nothing could surprise me. An editor knows that selecting a dress for the cover is the hardest thing, in my head I had envisioned something red maybe, satin, with a cleavage and excess fabric so it could fly in the wind. However, what was hanging from that golden rack was excessive luxury.

    -What does this mean?- I asked, while reading the label that said: Dennis Bassó Couture.
    -I got it recently but I haven’t found the right occasion to flaunt it-
    -Maybe in a museum.- I said jokingly –This is a work of art!-
    -Isn’t it? I think it’s the perfect option for the cover look. Don’t you think?
    -Absolutely. I nodded while my hands touched a hand embroidered fabric from beginning to end, covered in gemstones, assorted delicate beads and countless crystals in earthy and golden tones that praised a halter top dress covered by a long cloak with shoulder pads embedded with the same details.
-I think it would go perfect with those shoes.- she said. As she pointed to the gold plate framed shoes I mentioned before.
-Along with these earrings.- Holding in her hands a prominent size entwined snake earrings by Roberto Cavalli. I couldn’t resist, I had to say yes.

    It was in that very moment, that I realized that Gaby is not only a fashion lover, but she possesses exquisite and original taste, which shines through when selecting specific pieces, for it’s no easy task to execute perfect combinations for editorial sessions.
    In just a second she tore down every creative idea I had in mind, but delivering a whole other functional concept for this very special first edition.
    -We’re going to achieve fascinating looks for this session- I said while walking towards the bar area, located in the back, just after walking through a beautiful garden and a fully equipped, high tech gym. I even felt like working out.

    It’s very important to me to be able to place you in this perfect atmosphere that surrounded me. A bar with glass for walls that allowed me to appreciate the architecture of the place.

    A grand black piano on one side and in the middle of the room a contemporary lounge area beautifully decorated with red roses, whose scent accentuated the delightful aroma of the place. At my left a black granite bar, and I sat beside her at a table for eight with gorgeous gray velvet capitoné chairs.

    The bar doors opened and someone walked toward us bringing different dishes.
     -Alvaro, this is chef Salatiel-
     -Good evening and nice to meet you- He said as he started to unveil what had been just made exclusively for me.

    Fresh salmon tapas with cream cheese and herbs, tuna sashimi and sirloin bites dressed in a chipotle cream.
    I grabbed a few bites and started what would eventually become one of the most humane, deep and sincere conversations I’ve ever had in my life.

     -Gaby, are you aware of the effect your life has on people?
     -Actually, no. I live a peaceful, happy life. Always surrounded by my family and friends that I’ve known for many years.

    I know there’s people who talk just for the sake of it, my friend.

    I can tell you I have two lives: my own, and the one people like to make up about me- She smiled.

I  30

*Translated from Spanish



Earrings Chanel

Belt Versace

Shoes Chanel

Blouse Chanel

Broche Chanel

Watch Cartier

Pants Balmain

Jacket Alexander Mcqueen



Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui

Gabriela González de Cáceres de García is the third daughter of the marriage of the late José Gabriel González Méndez and Landy de Cáceres Álvarez.
    She grew up surrounded and protected by her brothers Gabriel and Oswaldo. She had a happy childhood and when it comes to them, she states the following:
  -My brothers are everything to me, no one could ever break that deep bond that we’ve had since forever-
    Her academic life begins at Roger’s Hall, prestigious school she attended since kindergarten.
    During her adolescence she would meet Rodrigo Molina Villares, who would become her sweetheart in 1999 and with whom she would later walk to the altar.
     -Gaby, what was it like for you to face the phase of your divorce?-
     -At the time I was still digesting and making my peace with the loss of my father. Rodrigo and I closed a cycle and I can sincerely tell you, we did so as very good friends.
     -What was you adolescence like? Tell me a bit about your relationship with your father-
-I have so many stories. My dad was a man I admired to no end, extremely successful, smart, a visionary, my best ally in life, partying, traveling. He was my dinner partner during any weekday and we would just get together and talk about how our day had been. 


Dress custom made by Elle Saab

Shoes Giussepe Zanotti

Earrings Roberto Cavalli

    His sense of humor was, without a doubt, one of his most important virtues.
    Not so long ago, I went to Europe twice with him. I have endless anecdotes and laughs saved up from those times. He loved Las Vegas, so we’d go twice a year. I remember I made the trip without him on one occasion and came back home on a Monday, upon my landing he asked me to come to his place for lunch so I could tell him all about my time in Vegas. I guess I was beaming with excitement because he put his fork down and said “let’s go! I’m all enlivened now”. To which I asked: “go where dad?” “Las vegas” he said “Don’t even unpack”. We were together, there, the very next day. We simply were the very best of friends.
    During the summer, we’d go fishing, just the two of us, we would have long talks about our dreams while looking at an infinite ocean.

    He was a great chef. He would invite me over for lunch since the night before and ask me what I was in the mood for, and he would cook it himself the very next day.
But if I wanted to reminisce on a special moment, it would be the following.
     -Take note, this is very important!- She said 
     -The very first time I was about to compete in the equestrian circuit, I was very nervous. My horse, Taipan, had just arrived at the just two days before the competition. 

I  32

*Translated from Spanish to English



Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui

    My dad came up to me and asked “what’s wrong? You seem nervous”.
     -I’m afraid to fall, to fail, to disappoint you-
     -He stood in front of me, with a look in his eye that could stop the world and said: “If you fill your mind with the triumph and success you will have today, there will be no room for fear and deception”.

    He smiled and jokingly said: “Plus! You made me get up early this morning, you have to win!”
     -I hugged him, kissed him on the cheek and said THANK YOU!
    Right after that, I got on my horse, entered the track and won first place.
Without a doubt my father was “My life's greatest teacher”

     -Gaby, there’s a delicate subject I know you find hard to address, for I know the place he held in your life.
    A lot of us read a letter written by you, months after your father’s death, in which you narrate sharp and heavy events, which came from a mournful heart that had not yet found resignation. That, I’m sure of.
There was a long pause while she inhaled and try to hold back the tears filling her green eyes.
     -My father’s death was something incredibly hard for me. If I wrote that letter it’s only because I’m sure he would have liked me to do so. My intention was to avoid anyone else from going through the experience he lived.
     -The most important thing for me, Alvaro, is that after his death, I wanted everyone to know that they took his life, but also to know in full detail about the things and negligence that goes on in that “first class” private hospital, it’s the worst place ever.
     -Friend, uncle Pepin was a strong, healthy man, he was admitted for an alleged appendicitis, was he not?
     -Yes, fiend. They even told us that it would be an ambulatory surgery. In the doctor’s own words: “easier than taking out a molar”
     -During surgical intervention they took out a heathy appendix, and didn’t realize until that very moment that what he actually had was a diverticulum in the cecum, or ascending colon, which had already burst, causing severe localized peritonitis.
     -After this, we went through a phase in which my father had to fight for his life. He had so much more than just a bad surgery against him. He had an ensemble of medical and hospital negligence which he would not be able to overcome. Especially during his stay in the ICU where he lacked the basic care any human being should have while staying there.
     -When we decided to transfer him to a hospital in Monterrey, after fifty two days, my dad fought on. However the internist told us that he had gotten to him too late and that it was impossible to save him under the condition he was already in. He passed away that same night.

    I held her hand tightly, feeling what she had been living at that time, with her other hand she was holding her smartphone and she started to read, out loud, what she had written at the end of that letter:
“Life gave me the best father in the world, and I’m grateful for every day I spent beside him.


Venice, Italy 2011

    I still look at you with deep love, and I know you are beside me, I still hear you, I still adore you. You walk with me in every single step I take, joyful were those moments beside you, the charming nights, unforgettable nights, looking at you and enjoying your cheerfulness.
    Thank you daddy for smiling at me, for looking at me, for talking to me, for your laughter, for loving me so much, for all those times that just one look you gave me would say more than a thousand words.

    Today I want to say goodbye, without even wanting to, for I still need your presence. For the worst pain I have ever felt in life was embracing you that night, knowing it would be the last time I would do it and forever, I know it’s time for you to rest, time for you to fly just like we talked about so many times since I was a little girl, and you would tell me this things happen and that life is so.

    Just like one day it will happen to me and I will find my way back to your arms, I hope there’s a place for me beside you because I know you are the most beautiful thing I had in life and the angel that from heaven, will be guiding my way on earth.
    I love you forever… Gabriela.

It was a special moment for both of us, she opened up to me and I could feel the pain of a wound that is still open but that is slowly healing.
She paused, exhaled and looked straight into my eyes.
My voice was broken down as I said:
     -Dear friend, the way you have shared this experience is amazing, I thank you, it means a lot to me. This memories are what make us realize how much we should appreciate life.
Without realizing, we had stepped into a sentimental, sensitive mood, she dried her tears as I took a sip of my sparkling water so I could carry on with the interview.

33 I


*Translated from Spanish


Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui


I would love to hear a special moment about your mother, with all due respect I can say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s beautiful!

     -She’s the sweetest woman I’ve met in my life. I appreciate the compliment- She said.
     My passion for horses started when I was five years old, it was a night I was sick. I distinctly remember my mom went to rent a movie for me, I was actually expecting a cartoon, but to my surprise she brought home The Black Stallion, a 1979 film, produced by Francis Ford Coppola in which for over half the film, not a single word is said. The story is based on a boy and a horse that shipwrecked and ended up on an island, where the boy slowly gains “the black’s” trust. That was the horses name in the film. Horse he rescues and trains to finally turn him into a race champion.

    I was completely smitten and obsessed, all I wanted to do in life was that.
    She gave me my first horse. We would take him to the beach house every summer.

    Every afternoon I would watch the sunset on his back, while galloping by the shoreline. The Black Stallion is the memory that has impacted my life the most and I owe it all to her.

Dinner continued and as we got deeper into different subjects I felt comfortable enough to address MAXIMUS.

There are many urban tales as why you have a white tiger at home. It’s an issue in which everyone has an opinion.
     -My Friend, I’m so glad you brought that up.

    Those of us who are Gaby’s personal acquaintances know her eyes light up when she talks about horses, but I discovered that the feeling she so forcefully expresses is a deep love towards all animals.
    Her father shared this passion and love with her, such was that passion, that almost every month they would acquire new horses to be trained. 

    There was a point in time where she owned over 15 horses.   

    It was then that we relocated so I could meet little Max-

    It was a large place where I could see several pools, palm trees and a huge water fall surrounded by ropes and what seemed to be a playground for him.
    -We welcomed Max when he was just a few weeks old, he came in a box. He was malnourished, injured and very aggressive. His mother had attacked him to near death. We brought him back to health with help of two veterinarians and a lot of love. People should know that white tigers are now a specimen that is bred and grown in captivity in order to prevent its killing and extinction.
I am the very first advocate of animal freedom and one to defend it.

    But I also question myself: where? In which environment? We have aggressively and relentlessly invaded their habitat. In both India and China, places where the tigers are native from, they were hunted down for their skin and fangs, almost fully eliminating the species. Max has not been modified nor mutilated in any way, he has full denture, including fangs. He is still botte fed at times, as a reward. That’s why he purrs whenever I come near him, to him I am his mother.
    There is also a team of professional behind the care of this beautiful animal, to mention a few, two veterinarians, a person dedicated exclusively to set up ropes and other exercising equipment and a person dedicated solely to the proper care of his habitat.
    He is fed over nine pounds of meat a day. He is not surrounded by bars, and he was not put through any kind of taming training. He responds solely to petting, affection and words of love.
      -I was one of those people, Gaby, one of those who thought that a white tiger now a days should be able to roam freely in the wild, but my lack of knowledge on the subject has been discarded, I am convinced, by everything I’ve come to know today and everything I’ve seen that there was no better fate for Max than to have arrived at this home. He would have had a much different fate if he was in a constant state of hunt while being in the wild.
    She smiled and said –We are now in the process of building a country house, we want Max to have several acres to run around, to have a girlfriend and just be happier than he already is.

    I’ll also tell you a little tale: There was a boy at the beach, he was with his mother standing at the shore and he looked and saw a million starfish right in front of him, he yelled saying “we have save them, we have to get them back at sea!”, he started to put them back into the ocean one by one until he realized he would never be able to complete the task. Tired and with tears in his eyes he told his mother “I’ll never finish, did I make any kind of difference?” To which his mother responded: “for the one you just got back at sea, you already made a difference”
    I know I’m making a difference with Max, and that’s all that matters, one of my greatest dreams has been to continue in my contributions to save white tigers.

*Translated from Spanish

I 34 




Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui

    I took the liberty to further investigate on the matter on my own, so I could back what I was writing, only to find out that in fact white tigers are an endangered species. At the time there are approximately 210 white tigers in the world and, they’re all in captivity!
    These carnivore mammals are the largest of the feline family and they are solitaires. White tiger are a variation of the Bengal tiger. They come from parents that possess a recessive gene that gives them their particular hair color. It’s almost impossible to find a white tiger in the wild, as their chances of survival are very little. They can have different eye color, they’re usually blue, except for albino tigers that usually have pink eyes. The life expectance in captivity increases by 20 years approximately.

    We walked back towards the house and I looked at the time on my phone, it was half past midnight, time had flown by. We sat back at the table as Gaby texted her husband so he would come and join us.
    The boss as we know him, is a renowned business man that has spent a lifetime in media. Along with his siblings he leads the family media legacy GRUPO SIPSE, founded by the late business man Don. Andrés García Lavín who was a groundbreaker entrepreneur and pioneer in the state. One of the city’s main avenues carries his name, in his memory and honor.

    I was feeling nervous as Gerardo asked questions about my project, he was very assertive while asking, especially about commercializing and distributing the magazine. It was very important to him to know every little detail, the trust he was putting in me by giving me the honor of telling the story of the love of his life, was quite a responsibility.
    Without any objection he told me it was an interesting approach and right then I took the chance to show them the creative idea and the photographic references I had brought with me at the time. Without a doubt and in the know that everything would be handled by a team of professionals, they agreed. We scheduled a lunch date over the next few days to check on planning and to get to know everyone involved in the photo shoot. While marking the date and time of our next meeting I realized Gerardo was giving some pointers to his assistant.
     -All set? He asked.
     -Yes sir, everything is ready.


-My esteemed Alvaro, before you leave, it’s now my turn to show you my favorite place inside this home, your home. I’m sure it can be the perfect set for one of your photos.

    He lead the way with a hand gesture that indicated he was, ever the gentleman, allowing his wife and I to walk into the room, we walked down a staircase that went down about 20 feet deep and allowed me to see the most amazing wine cellar I had ever seen in my life.

    -It’s a wine cellar with over 1500 bottles of a carefully selected collection of exquisite wines and champagnes, a room that is kept at a steady temperature of 55 degrees, and has been the venue for the assembly of celebrities, artists, prominent businessmen and different political personalities, like governors and such.
    We walked through it as he told me a bit of history of some of the wines and how he had come to acquire them.
     -Whenever we go to a restaurant, anywhere in the world, if the wine is to my liking, I usually call the sommelier so he can give me a thorough description of the wine, its composition and origin. 

*Translated from Spanish


37 I



Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui


    That’s how I have been able to achieve this wonderful selection, some of them have been a gift and some other I inherited from my late father.
     -Oh my God! I looked at the time and realized it was incredibly late. Time had flown by.
     -Thank you so much for having me over, I feel so lucky- I said as I parted and said farewell.
We scheduled my next visit and they both walked me to the door. I left.
    It was 2pm on a Wednesday I was on time on this occasion and had my entire team with me. We were greeted by a table ready for a delicious lunch. Not five minutes had passed and Gerardo and Gaby were present.
     -Welcome, we weren’t sure on what to serve for lunch, so we decided that Yucatecan food is always a delight for any guest- Said Gerardo. 

    –This is a thank you in advance for all the hard work that you’ll all be performing this afternoon

    -And so, we started off with delicious Dzikilpak and an aromatic lime soup, to then honor Lomitos de Valladolid and an exquisite venison Pipian.

    To top it off we had wafers and three different kind of gelatos in seasonal fruit flavors.
    After introducing them to photographer Randy Arcila Rodríguez and production coordinator Samantha Rojano Barajas, we took a tour of the home so we could locate the settings for the shoot.

    Once this was done the team got to it.
    Gerardo, Gaby and I went back to the dining room where they offered me a cup of coffee. I had two sugars and a splash of milk.

Modestly I asked Gerardo:

    -What was the proposal like?-

*Translated from Spanish


39 I



Xalapa, Veracruz, Coapexpan Cup

Hípico Chedraui


National Competition Querétaro, Balvanera, Polo & Country Club

    He smiled and said:
     -It was crazy, I planned every little detail in advance. It was at the beach, we were joined by her family. As you know she loves horses so I got her a white unicorn, there was a massive production behind all of it. The grand steed came pacing by the shore, I walked up to her, got on one knee and asked her to be my wife.         She said YES under a sky lit by fireworks just as the sun went down.

I looked at Gaby and saw she was reliving that wonderful scenario.
Gabriela and Gerardo joined their lives together on march 2015, with a magical ceremony held in the gardens of their own residence. I can now be witness to the anecdotes, the stories and the transparent and loving relationship I had before my eyes.
    He is without a doubt a distinguished gentleman that transmits strength and at the same time exudes elegance in every one of his moves.
    She is a flawless wife and mother. She is not only evidently beautiful, but also a lady in the full extent of the word.

     Today, they not only share a beautiful marriage, but they have a princess. Together they are continuously writing this extraordinary love story that changed both their lives. God has perfect timing and they are testimony of that reality.
    We finished our conversation, Gerardo went on to his office, while Gaby and I went to her wardrobe to make the selection for the ensembles to be used in the production. We were there for almost two hours. As a side note I want to mention that every single piece she is wearing, is her own.

    It took three days to perform the photo shoot.

    On the first day we photographed the home’s interiors and our cover shots, on a set we created inside the home. The closet, the piano, the nursery and the wine cellar were our first settings.

    Over six flower arrangements were used by production to complement the different settings and a bottle of Möet & Chandon’s Rosé champagne to commemorate the day closing, with a card that read the following:         “Thank you for letting us in, for opening the doors to your life”.
    On the next day we moved to Max’s enclosure for the following photo shoot. It was wonderful to watch him participate as main character of the shoot. It took only half an hour to reach the goal we had envisioned.

Our last day was the most special one. Gaby and Gerardo had a planned a trip to Aspen, Colorado. And then spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    We met at the airport, at the FBO terminal at Merida’s international “Manuel Cresencio Rejón”.They were already there and the plane was ready for departure, an Embraer Legacy 500, for the most important photo I had planned, right before they left for their next destination, a picture of them, together.
That´s how we captured that image… At the end of the shoot, while we said goodbye, Gerardo came up to me and said a phrase that would stay with me forever, and with which I’d like to conclude this unique experience:

    “God places the right person at the right time, Gabriela is the love of my life”

*Translated from Spanish

I  42


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