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     Perhaps when we speak about a fitness lifestyle we imagine a perfect body, however, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond a nice figure.

Throughout my life, I realized that what motivates me to exercise, the dedication and the will, comes from a need for personal achievement and physical, emotional and mental challenge.

      For me, exercise is a key element in my life, as well as a healthy diet that I practice every day, especially when I am at home, in my routine.

      I have always tried to take that time for myself, that moment during my workout, my mind travels to my memories, my future goals and my desires. It allows me to organize my ideas and create in that space where the body and mind synchronize like waves of the sea.


    Now more than ever I feel the importance of staying in my best form, I am aware of the importance of health, for me and for those around me, even for those who at some point may feel motivated by my dedication and commitment.  I strongly believe that one is what one eats, and that small changes gradually lead to great benefits.  Mind, body and spirit cannot function individually, that is why it is so important to listen to the body and in the same way we do our soul and our thoughts.

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