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 The first years of my life were wonderful I grew up surrounded by my family’s love, who taught me values like loyalty, honesty, and respect towards others, but most of all about the true meaning of love. As a little girl I received education in a school that allowed me to create strong bonds within my friendships, discover my passions, likings and mold myself as a person in different aspects of my life, in sum, it was a time full of joy.

    From a young age, my love for animals was clear. I remember the very first time that I rode a horse, I was able to create a bond so strong and yet so sweet with such a powerful animal, communicating only through an exchange of energy. “Passion, talent and discipline” -my father used to say-, is the

perfect combination to reach your dreams.

    Horseback riding has been one of my greatest passions. A sport that I dedicated my body and soul to which allowed me, for many years, to live several triumphs and joy.

     It was during my teenage years where my taste for fashion became clear and undeniable. I enjoyed knowing about brands, their creative processes, inspirations, colors, textures, and history. It was how I dabbled in the world of fashion, design, styling, and image. I began to amass a personal collection of pieces, that for me, might’ve been just works of art, which I imagined combining before even having them.



  In combination with this process I started to work on my body, even more, to mind my nutrition and keep an exercise routine that allowed me to have a healthy and full life and that would help me feel good about myself and enjoy a lifestyle that would benefit not just my body, but my mind and spirit.

    Naturally, I started to develop my skills in fashion, by choosing my own style, with pieces that would characterize me and reflected my personality, always fearlessly experimenting and creating a different look every day. 

    Since I was a little girl I felt the need to be unique, to define myself as a person, to do things in an original way. To me, fashion is a lifestyle and it is found in everyone with the pieces we wear, even those that don’t give it so much importance, this is the way that we present ourselves to the world, the way we express our likings, personality, and culture. 

    Clothing and accessories have been present in humanity since the beginning of time. When we see an outfit on a person, we can guess its history, the kind of climate he, or she, lives in, many times the region they comes from, and their age. 

   The ways that fashion defines us and gives us a voice, the capacity to express, to rebel, to surprise the world with colors, textures, silhouettes and shapes which are individual to each person, is a unique and irreplaceable fingerprint. Creativity can’t be studied, it’s a force that comes from within and is reflected in every aspect of life.

    Due to this passion I have had the opportunity to participate in different fashion magazines, to appear on covers, model, create, design and of course to get to know some of the most talented people in the world of fashion, such as renowned designers, make up artists, photographers, stylists and all the wonderful people that work in the creative process and that make a magical result possible, which is the reflection of teamwork, good taste, passion and dedication.

    The things of true value in this life isn’t easy, but it is worth fighting for what you truly want, and the end is always surprising even if it’s written from the beginning. I feel immensely grateful for all the wonderful experiences that I’ve lived, but most of all for those great moments that I get to spend next to my most beloved ones who fill my soul.

     A chat with the love of my life, laughing with my best friends, never losing the capacity of astonishment and finding the love of God in the simplest things of life. I’m filled with hope, as I know that we live in constant evolution and our destinies are created by us and there is no greater power in this universe than our own will.

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